General Edit

The Graph activity was created as part of the OLPC Deployment in Sminthi project, initiated by the Re-public online magazine and supported by the Greek F/OSS community. It is addressed to high school students learning polynomials. It lets students plot first and second degree polynomials and inspect points of interest, such as solutions and conjunction points. It is being developed in cooperation with high school teachers Dionysia Psychoyos and Vasilis Rigas, who had the idea and laid out the initial specifications.

Development Edit

The Graph activity is being developed by Xenofon Papadopoulos. It is written in Python and GTK+, and is licensed under GPLv3. It has been tested in sugar-jhbuild and an XO-1, as well as a standalone application.

The source code is available at

Features Edit

Current Edit

  • Can plot any number of 1st and 2nd degree polynomials
  • Can hide/show the graphs of specified polynomials
  • Can hide/show the points of interests of specified polynomials
  • Can color specified polynomials
  • Can specify the axis span
  • Can show/hide axis values
  • Can show/hide axis grid
  • Can add some animation effects to graphs

Under DevelopmentEdit

  • Fix some minor bugs in the plotting code
  • Add more animation effects
  • Integrate with the Journal

Languages Edit

The Graph activity has currently been translated in Greek and English.

Demo Edit

A Flash demo in Greek can be found here.